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Cyberghost is part of our top 3 of the best current vpn.

It has nearly 7,000 servers in over 90 countries around the world.

Based in Romania, it is not subject to the jurisdiction of one of the Five Eyes alliance countries, Nine Eyes & 14-Eyes (see our article).

Their unambiguous policies on no data retention make them a secure VPN for torrent users.

Its redesigned interface is one of the most aesthetic, pleasant and easy to use, regardless of the device you are using (pc, smartphone, etc.).

CyberGhost offers plenty of features to block malicious websites, ads, and trackers as well as automated HTTPS redirect or data compression.

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Cyberghost specifications

Conservation of dataNo
Simultaneous connections7
Netflix UnlockingYes
Anonymous torrentYes
Browser extensionYes (Firefox & Chrome)
EncryptionAES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology with 256 bit keys (AES-256).
Protocols– OpenVPN avec TCP/UDP
– L2TP/IPsec

Cyberghost Speed and Peromances

Rate: 92%

It is difficult to measure the performance of VPN networks because there are many factors involved.

We tested CyberGhost’s server speeds by testing multiple servers on, Open Speed ​​Test, and the Ookla Speed ​​Test (see how we perform our tests).

The servers closest to our location (France) provided solid and reliable speeds. The same is true for a large part of the servers in Europe. However, performance declined on servers in Eastern Europe.

Connections to servers in the United States showed excellent performance, especially on servers on the east coast, and very acceptable internet speed from the west coast although slightly lower because of the distances.

We have seen significant drops in speed when we connected to more distant servers like Australia and much of Asia where speeds have dropped to around 15Mbps, which is still usable for HD streaming. . The speeds deteriorated very strongly on the South American servers, especially in Argentina or Chile with an average of 3Mbps. Indonesian servers have posted speeds that are far too low (1 to 2Mbps) to be usable from France.

In our testing, we also found that on some servers connection times could sometimes be long, up to 20 seconds.

Cyberghost with Netflix and other streaming platforms

Rate : 96%

Unblocking Netflix can be a challenge, even with the best of VPNs.

Most provider won’t tell you which servers are working and which are not, so you have to try all the servers in the target country until you find one that works.

Cyberghost under its terms of service, makes life much easier by highlighting locations that support the services you need. When we selected “streaming” in the cyberghost application we found the recommended locations for US Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube Red …

The netflix access went perfectly well and those regardless of the version (US, UK, France, etc).

The UK servers allowed us to watch BBC content (BBC iPlayer) with no difficulty.

Same for French servers with regard to mycanal, rmcsport, bein sport and all tnt channels.

As we mentioned in the “performance” section, the cyberghost servers are very efficient and allowed us to view all channels in HD quality with no concern.

cyberghost with Torrent

Rate : 94%

As soon as you launch the application you will see a list of servers called “for Torrenting”.

We can find some useful tweaks in Settings, including the ability to automatically log into CyberGhost every time you launch your torrent client.

Cyberghost also offers another very useful feature, a malicious URL filter, enabled by default, which will save you a lot of trouble.

If you ignore the “for Torrenting” list and prefer to manually connect to another server, it may cause problems.

CyberGhost explains it must block P2P protocols on certain servers, either for strategic reasons (traffic that unnecessarily slows down the traffic of other users), or for legal reasons in countries like (United States, Russia, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong).

If you stick to the recommended list, CyberGhost works great, and it’s an easy and efficient way to torrent anonymously.

The main features of Cyberghost

cyberghost et netflix
CyberGhost torrent

Cyberghost's privacy policy

Rate : 94%

CyberGhost is based in Romania, which is not a member of the 14 Eyes alliance (a data sharing initiative between intelligence agencies in different countries) see article.

We appreciated that Cyberghost clearly highlights its entire confidentiality policy, written in legible characters and a clear manner.

After reading, here is a summary of the important points:

While using CyberGhost, user traffic data such as browsing history, traffic destination, data content and search preferences are not monitored, recorded, or stored by Cyberghost.

CyberGhost claims that it does not store connection logs, which means that they do not have any logs related to your IP address, your connection time, or the length of your session.

At no point, cyberghost know which user has accessed a particular website or service, nor which user was logged into their service at any given time, nor the IP address of the VPN server that was used.

We appreciated with CyberGhost’s clear clarification of its privacy policy, these are just words on a website and there is no way for a user to know how service actually works.

Some VPN providers like NordVPN have solved this problem by running independent audits on their systems. We hope CyberGhost and the rest of the industry will do the same soon.

Finally, cyberghost accepts payments by bitcoin.

Ease of use

Rate : 94%

CyberGhost’s application has recently redesigned its application interface. The old, bulky Windows 10-like slabs have been replaced with a much more standard look: a simple console with login status, a list of locations, and a login button.

The various functionalities are located on a side panel, in the center there is a directory of the location of the servers and their distance and current load.

You can filter the search to display servers optimized for streaming or torrents, and to save your favorite servers.

CyberGhost allows you to enable additional privacy features, including blocking advertisements and malicious websites. it can also automatically redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS for added security. Finally, additional functionality compresses images and “other elements” to reduce traffic and improve performance.

Most VPNs have an option to launch when Windows starts up, but CyberGhost takes it a step further by also allowing you to connect to your preferred server and automatically launch a particular application, such as your default browser in incognito mode.

The Wi-Fi Protection panel offers even more flexibility. CyberGhost lets you decide exactly what you want to do when you connect to a new network. For example, it can automatically connect you to a VPN server if the network is not secure or perform personalized actions for specific networks (home, work, etc.).

The App Protection option can connect you to a specific location when you open an app. No need to remember to turn on VPN before using your torrent client – CyberGhost can do this for you automatically.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are as well designed as desktop applications.

The iOS or android app connects to the nearest server, but you can also browse a list of locations. Selecting a location displays information about the load, the number of logged in users, and you can save specific locations to a favorites list.

When you launch the application, it displays the name of the nearest wifi network. It helps to see which wifi to use to connect. If you tap on the name of the wifi network, you can specify whether you want CyberGhost to protect you automatically in the future, or whether it should ask you to choose each time.

The application can also record the appropriate actions for all the networks that you use regularly. So she knows what to do at home, at work …

Finally, the cyberghost interface, all platforms combined, is in our opinion the most successful on the VPN market.

Cyberghost compatible devices

Cyberghost is compatible with different platforms such as:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • FireTv Amazon Fire Stick
  • Android TV
  • Smart TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3 & 4
  • Wifi routers

Cyberghost's technical support

  • Live Chat
  • Ticket system.

The ticket system is slower to respond, but it is preferred for complex questions such as router configurations for example.

however, you are unlikely to need to contact support as the software is so intuitive and easy to use.

Cyberghost : Prices and payment methods

3 different choices are available:
  • 1 month plan : 12$.99 (14-day money-back guarantee)
  • 1 year plan : 3$.99        (45-day money-back guarantee)
  • 3 years plan : 2$.25    (45-day money-back guarantee)
Cyberghost Prices and payment methods

The payment methods are:

  • Credit card.
  • PayPal.
  • Bitcoins.

Final verdict on Cyberghost

For us, cyberghost has its place on the podium along with expressvpn and nordVpn. Moreover, a large number of functions are common to all three.

Nevertheless, cyberghost stands out for the perfect quality of its software, whether it is its design, its ease of use or its many features.

In addition, Cyberghost’s specialized netflix or torrent servers as well as predefined servers for a particular channel including canal +, bein sport or rmc sport are remarkable for their simplicity.

To conclude, cyberghost is an excellent choice. It is a reliable, successful VPN provider who is constantly looking for improvement.

9.5 Total Score

Overall performance
Netflix & geoblocking
Streaming HD
Torrent Speed
Security and Privacy
Ease of use
  • App design
  • ease of use
  • Automatic kill switch function
  • Simultaneous connection on 7 devices
  • No data collection
  • Bitcoin payments
  • Specialized netflix and torrent server.
  • Excellent server performance overall.
  • Based outside the jurisdictions of the alliance of 5, 9 & 14 eyes
  • Quite expensive one month subscription
  • Technical support response time
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